Hey it's Me!!

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It's me, Kari, the women behind the camera at KLayne Photography.

Im a Jesus loving wife and fur-momma of 7. Thats right I said 7. Im totally a crazy cat lady which means 5 of the 7 are cats. The other 2 are Italian Greyhounds. I love telling the stories behind each of their names (they all have first and middle names) because they have so much meaning to me and my husband, but its best told over a cup of coffee.  

Rarely will you see me out and about or at a photoshoot without a cup of coffee.  Visiting local coffee shops is one of my favorite things to do when I am home or when I am traveling.  I mean coffee is life and I might have started drinking it when I as 2.  I know kids got to do so much more in the 80's lol.  Im also not ashamed to admit I am a crazy cat lady and I have an obsession with Care Bears... Im from the 80's remember. 

Photography also feeds my soul along with good music, great coffee (of course),  a field of bluebonnets, the desert, traveling and making memories with my family and friends. 

The Extra Important stuff…

Bon Jovi has been my husband since I was 5…

I love all things TEXAS: Bluebonnets, Whataburger etc… but not BBQ and when it comes to baseball I bleed Dodger BLUE!

JC Chasez is my favorite NSYNC’ member

I love eating raw potatoes.

Rosé all day!

If I could only have one candy for the rest of my life it would be Cadbury eggs.

Whataburger ketchups taste different to me… 1 and 2 are my favorites.

FRIENDS & Criminal Minds

NEWSIES!!! (I can watch it on replay all day)


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